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Arctic Exploration Vessels by Guest (

Word Quantity 44
Max Word Length 22
Advance Airship Italia Akademik Fyodorov Akademik Tryoshnikov Alert America Antarctic Snow Cruiser Assistance Bear Blossom Bowdoin Chelyuskin Discovery Effie M. Morrissey Enterprise Erebus Fox Fram Fury Fyodor Litke Griper Hecla Investigator Jeannette Joseph Stalin Karluk King and Winge MIR Nautilus Norge Pravda Rescue Resolute Rodgers Sargo Seadragon Sedov Sibiryakov Skate Terror Thomas Corwin Tovarishch Stalin Volodarskiy Whale
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Fatherly Traits by Guest (

Word Quantity 163
Max Word Length 14
able accomplished accurate adept adroit adventurous ambitious analytical apt assertive astute athletic beard big bold brave brawny calm captain caring certain champion chivalric coach cogent commanding conceive confident constructive counselor courageous creator dad daring dashing dedicated determined dexterous discerning disciplined distinguished dutiful earnest effective efficacious eminent emperor energetic enterprising experienced expert fair faithful father fearless firm fishing focused formidable gallant generous genuine gifted grand great guardian handsome handy helpful heroic honest honor industrious influential ingenious inspirational intelligent intrepid inventive judicious june just keen king knightly large leader logical loving loyal magnanimous magnificent male man masculine masterful mature mentor mighty monarch muscular mustache noble papa parent paternal patient patriarch patron perceptive persevering persistent potent powerful precise prepared productive proficient prominent prosperous protector provider purposeful raise rational ready reasonable reliable resolute responsibility robust rugged savior savvy sire skillful smart stable stately steadfast steady strong sturdy successful supportive sure talented tall teacher tenacious thoughtful titanic tough truthful undaunted valiant valorous veracious vibrant vigorous virile warrior wise
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