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Apex Predators by Guest (

Word Quantity 298
Max Word Length 31
Abelisaurus Achillobator Acrocanthosaurus Aerosteon African Civet African Golden Cat African Lion African Lungfish African Rock Python African Wild Dog Afrovenator Albertosaurus Alectrosaurus Alioramus Alligator Gar Alligator Snapping Turtle Allosaurus American Alligator American Badger American Black Bear American Crocodile Antarctic Skua Appalachiosaurus Arapaima Arctic Fox Asian Black Bear Asian Golden Cat Atlantic Goliath Grouper Aublysodon Aucasaurus Australovenator Austroraptor Baiji Baikal Seal Balaur Bald Eagle Bambiraptor Barred Eagle Owl Baryonyx Beluga Sturgeon Black Caiman Black Grouper Black Mamba Black Marlin Black-Backed Jackal Black-Headed Python Blakiston's Fish Owl Blood Python Blue Marlin Boa Constrictor Bobcat Boto Box Jellyfish Brown Bear Brown Fish Owl Brown Tree Snake Bull Shark Burmese Python Bushmasters Byronosaurus Caiman Canada Lynx Cape Eagle Owl Caracal Carcharodontosaurus Carnotaurus Ceratosaurus Chacma Baboon Cheetah Chilantaisaurus Chimpanzee Clouded Leopard Coelophysis Coelurus Columbian Red Tail Boa Common Snapping Turtle Compsognathus Cougar Coyote Crab-Eating Fox Crested Eagle Cristatusaurus Crocodile Monitor Crowned Hawk-Eagle Cryolophosaurus Culpeo Daspletosaurus Deinodon Deinonychus Deltadromeus Dhole Diamond Python Dilong Dilophosaurus Dingo Dog Dromaeosaurus Dryptosaurus Dunkleosteus Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Eastern Wolf Ekrixinatosaurus Elaphrosaurus Electric Catfish Electric Eel Electric Ray Eocarcharia Eoraptor Eotyrannus Ethiopian Wolf Eurasian Eagle Owl Eurasian Lynx European Badger Eustreptospondylus False Gharial False Killer Whale Forest Eagle Owl Fossa Fukuiraptor Gaboon Viper Ganges And Indus River Dolphin Gasosaurus Genyodectes Gharial Giant Freshwater Stingray Giant Grouper Giant Otter Giant Pacific Octopus Giant Petrel Giant Salamander Giant Snakehead Giant Trevally Giganotosaurus Golden Eagle Golden Jackal Goonch Gorgosaurus Gray Wolf Great Barracuda Great Horned Owl Great Skua Great White Shark Green Anaconda Greenland Shark Grizzly Bear Guanlong Harpy Eagle Harrier Hawk Harris Hawk Himalayan Wolf Honey Badger Human Iberian Lynx Iliosuchus Indian Python Indian Wolf Indosaurus Indosuchus Irritator Jaguar Kaluga King Cobra Komodo Dragon Kryptops Labocania Lace Monitor Lake Trout Lappet-Faced Vulture Large Indian Civet Largemouth Bass Leatherback Turtle Leopard Leopard Seal Liliensternus Linheraptor Lionfish Liopleurodon Livyatan Melvillei Loggerhead Sea Turtle Lourinhanosaurus Majungasaurus Malabar Large-Spotted Civet Mandrill Maned Wolf Mapusaurus Marlin Masiakasaurus Mediterranean Monk Seal Megalodon Megalosaurus Megaraptor Metriacanthosaurus Monolophosaurus Monster Of Aramberri Moray Eel Mugger Crocodile Mulga Snake Murray Cod Muskellunge Nanotyrannus Nassau Grouper Neovenator New Guinea Harpy Eagle Nile Crocodile Nile Monitor Nile Perch Northern Pike Ocelot Olive Python Orca Orkoraptor Ornate Monitor Osprey Oxalaia Pel's Fish Owl Perentie Philippine Eagle Philippine Water Monitor Piraíba Catfish Poekilopleuron Polar Bear Powerful Owl Predator X Pseudoplatystoma Pyroraptor Rajasaurus Raptorex Ratel Red Fox Red Wolf Redtail Catfish Reticulated Python Rock Eagle Owl Rugops Sailfish Salmon Shark Saltwater Crocodile Saurophaganax Saurornithoides Saurornitholestes Sawfish Scrub Python Segisaurus Semutundu Catfish Serval Shelley's Eagle Owl Short-Eared Dog Siamosaurus Siamotyrannus Side-Striped Jackal Sinornithosaurus Sinraptor Smallmouth Bass Snow Leopard South Polar Skua Spectacled Bear Sperm Whale Spinosaurus Spotted Hyena Steller's Sea Eagle Suchomimus Sun Bear Sunda Clouded Leopard Swordfish Syrinx Aruanus Szechuanosaurus Taipan Tarascosaurus Tarbosaurus Tasmanian Devil Tawny Fish Owl Tiger Tiger Quoll Tiger Shark Tigerfish Torvosaurus Troodon Tsaagan Tuna Tyrannosaurus Utahraptor Velociraptor Verreaux's Eagle Owl Vundu Walleye Water Monitor Wedge-Tailed Eagle Wels Catfish White Grouper White Sturgeon White-Tailed Eagle White-Throated Monitor Wolverine Yangchuanosaurus Yellow Anaconda Zanabazar Zhuchengtyrannus Zungaro Zungaro
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Complex Bird Species by Guest (

Word Quantity 97
Max Word Length 24
acorn woodpecker adelie penguin american avocet american coot american robin american wigeon arizona woodpecker bald eagle bewick's swan black skimmer black swan black-browed albatross black-headed grosbeak black-necked swan black-throated sparrow blue jay blue-winged teal brandt's cormorant brant bridled titmouse bronzed cowbird brown noddy brown-head cowbird bufflehead bullock's oriole cactus wren california brown pelican canadian goose canyon towhee chinstrap penguin curve-billed thrasher double-crested cormorant elegant tern fairy tern flightless cormorant flightless steamer duck forster's tern galapagos penguin gambel's quail gentoo penguin gila woodpecker golden eagle gray-headed albatross great blue heron great egret great frigate bird greater flamingo greater roadrunner green-winged teal harris hawk hooded oriole house finch house sparrow imperial shag kelp goose king penguin lava heron lesser scaup macaroni penguin magellanic penguin magnificent frigate bird mallard marbled godwit masked booby mexican jay nazca booby northern cardinal northern pintail patagonian crested duck pied-billed grebe pyrrhuloxia red-billed tropicbird red-footed booby ring-billed gull ring-necked duck rockhopper penguin royal tern sandhill crane snow goose snowy egret sooty tern swallowtail gull trumpeter swan tundra swan upland goose wandering albatross waved albatross western gull whimbrel white pelican white-breasted nuthatch white-crowned sparrow white-winged dove whooper swan wild turkey willet wood duck
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