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Harry Potter by Guest (

Word Quantity 573
Max Word Length 39
A History of Magic Aberforth Dumbledore Acid Pops Acromantula Alastor Moody Albus Dumbledore alchemist Alecto Carrow Algie Alice Longbottom Alicia Spinnet Ambrosius Flume Amelia Bones Amos Diggory amulets Amycus Carrow Ancient Runes Andromeda Tonks Angelina Johnson Anthony Goldstein Anti-Cheating Quill Antioch Peverell antique Antonin Dolohov apparation Arabella Figg Aragog Argus Filch Ariana Dumbledore Arithmancy armor Arnold Arthur Weasley Augusta Longbottom Augustus Rookwood Auror Auto-Answer Quill autobiography Azkaban bad eggs and rotten cabbage Bane Bartemius Crouch Jr. Bartemius Crouch Sr. Basilisk Bathilda Bagshot Bathsheba Babbling beach Beauxbatons Beedle the Bard Bellatrix Lestrange Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans Bill Weasley Biting silver snuffbox Blaise Zabini Blood Quill Blood-flavored Lollipops blood-red letter bloodstained playing cards Bloody Baron Boarhound Bob Ogden Borgin and Burkes Bowman Wright brass bright powders broken wand Buckbeak Bulgarian bulldog breeder bundles of feathers butterbeer Cadmus Peverell candy captain captured Care of Magical Creatures Cauldron Cakes Cedric Diggory centaur Chamber of Secrets Charing Cross Road Charity Burbage Charlie Weasley charms Chaser cherry and unicorn hair Cho Chang Chocoballs chocolate Chocolate Cauldrons Chocolate Frogs Chudley Cannons robes Cockroach Clusters coconut ice Cokeworth Colin Creevey collapsible collector conductor confectionery copper Cormac McLaggen Cornelius Fudge crimes Crookshanks crystallized pineapple cursed Cuthbert Binns Daily Prophet Daisy Dodderidge dark magic protection Dark Mark dark wizard Dean Thomas death Death Eater Death Omens Deathly Hallows Dedalus Diggle Defence Against the Dark Arts Deluminator Dementors Dennis Creevey Department of Mysteries Deputy Headmistress Dervish and Banges diadem Diagon Alley diary Dilys Derwent Dirk Cresswell dirty river disowned divination Dobby Dolores Jane Umbridge Draco Malfoy dragon egg dragon liver dragons dried roots Drooble's Best Blowing Gum Dudley Dursley Dumbledore's Army Dungbombs Durmstrang Eeylops Owl Emporium Elder Wand elderly elf Elphias Doge Emmeline Vance Enchanted coins Enchanted Motorbike enchanted sleep England Enid entrance envelopes Ernie Macmillan Errol European Everard Exploding Bonbons Exploding Snap fairy tales Fang fat white rabbit Fawkes fear Fenrir Greyback Fiendfyre Filius Flitwick Firebolt broomsticks firecrab Firenze fireplace firewhisky Fizzing Whizzbees Fleur Delacour floating golden cherubs Floo Powder Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour Flourish and Blotts Fluffy flying flying carpets Foe-glass Forbidden Forest founder Frank Bryce Frank Longbottom Fred Weasley Fridwulfa Frog Spawn Soap Gabrielle Delacour Gambol and Japes gardener Garrick Ollivander Gaunt cottage Gellert Grindelwald George Weasley ghost giant Gilderoy Lockhart gillywater Ginny Weasley Gladrags Wizardwear glittery-black beetle eyes Goblet of Fire Goblin Rebellion goblins Gobstones Godric Gryffindor Godric's Hollow Golden Snitch governor Goyle Sr. grandfather clock Grawp Great Aunt Muriel Gregorovitch Gregory Goyle Grimmauld Place Gringotts Bank Griphook Gubraithian fire Half-Blood Prince Half-cat half-kneazle Hand of Glory hangman's rope Hannah Abbott Harry Potter Head of Magical Law Enforcement Head of the Department of Magical Games headquarters healer Hedwig Helena Ravenclaw Helga Hufflepuff Hengist of Woodcroft Hepzibah Smith herb jars herbology Hermes Hermione Granger Hiccup Sweets Highmaster Hippogriff Hog's Head Hogsmeade Station Hogsmeade Village Hogwarts Hogwarts Express Hokey homework honey-colored toffee Honeydukes Sweetshop Horace Slughorn Horcrux Howler Hufflepuff House human bones human fingernails Ice Mice Ignotus Peverell Igor Karkaroff imprisoned infamous Inferi ingredients insanity Invisibility Cloak Irish Irma Pince James Potter Jelly Slugs Jugson Justin Finch-Fletchley Katie Bell Keeper for Puddlemere United Kendra Dumbledore kill King's Cross Kingsley Shacklebolt Knight Bus Knockturn Alley Kreacher Lavender Brown Lee Jordan Levitating Sherbet Balls librarian library Licorice Wands lightning bolt-shaped scar Lily Potter Little Hangleton Little Whinging locket London Lord Voldemort Lucius Malfoy Ludo Bagman Luna Lovegood Mad-Eye Madam Malkin Madam Puddifoot's Madam Rosmerta magic necklace Magical Maintenance Department Magical Me Magical Menagerie Magical Quill magically unstable Magnolia Crescent Magorian Malfoy Manor many-legged tweezers Marauders Map Marietta Edgecombe Marjorie Dursley Marvolo Gaunt Mary Cattermole Mary Riddle masks medieval wizard memory spell Merope Gaunt metamorphmagus Michael Corner Millicent Bulstrode Minerva McGonagall Ministry of Magic Mirror of Erised Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office Moaning Myrtle Molly Weasley Monster Book of Monsters Morfin Gaunt Mrs. Norris Muggle Studies Mundungus Fletcher murder music box Nagini Narcissa Malfoy Neville Longbottom Newt Scamander Nicolas Flamel Nimbus two thousand No-Heat Fireworks Norbert North Sea North York Moors Northumberland Nose-Biting Teacups nougat Nurmengard nurse Nymphadora Tonks Oliver Wood Ollivander's Ollivanders Olympe Maxime Omnioculars Opal necklace Order of the Phoenix ornate crystal bottle Ottery St Catchpole Padma Patil painting Pansy Parkinson parchment Parseltongue party Parvati Patil Peeves Penelope Clearwater Pensieve Pepper Imps Peppermint Toads Percival Dumbledore Percy Weasley permission slip Peter Pettigrew Petunia Dursley pewter Pigwidgeon Pig pink confetti Pius Thicknesse Platform Nine and Three-Quarters playground Pleiades poisonous candles poisonous orange snails poltergeist Pomona Sprout Poppy Pomfrey Portkeys portrait Post Office Potage's Cauldron Shop potions Predicting the Unpredictable prefect Privet Drive Probity Probe professor prophecy proprietor protector pub purple robes pygmy puff Quality Quidditch Supplies Quick Quotes Quill Quidditch balls Quidditch Beater Quidditch World Cup Quirinus Quirrell Rabastan Lestrange Ravenclaw ravens Reginald Cattermole Registration Commission Regulus Arcturus Black Remembrall Remus Lupin reporter Resurrection Stone Revealer Ripper Rita Skeeter Robes for All Occasions Rodolphus Lestrange Rolanda Hooch romance Romania Romilda Vane Ron Weasley Room of Requirement Rosmerta's oak-matured mead Rowena Ravenclaw Rubeus Hagrid Rufus Scrimgeour Salazar Slytherin Scabbers Scabior scales scams school essays schoolmate scrivener Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop seals Seamus Finnigan Secrecy Sensor secret passage Self-Shuffling Playing Cards self-stirring Septima Vector Severus Snape Shell Cottage shop Shrieking Shack silver silver unicorn horns Sir Cadogan Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington Sirius Black Slug and Jiggers Apothecary Slug Club Slug Repellent Slytherin snake snarled claws Snatcher Sneakoscope snowy owl solid gold Sonnets of a Sorcerer Sorting Hat soul spectacles Spell-Checking Quill Spellotape Spinner's End spy squib St. Mungo's Hospital Stalls Stan Shunpike staring glass eye stationery statue strings of fangs student Sturgis Podmore Sugar Quills Surrey Susan Bones sword Sybill Patricia Trelawney Tale of the Three Brothers task teacher teashop Ted Tonks Teddy Lupin Terry Boot textbooks The Burrow The Fat Friar The Fat Lady The Grey Lady The Invisible Book of Invisibility The Leaky Cauldron the Philosopher's stone The Quibbler Theodore Nott Thomas Riddle Jr. Thomas Riddle Sr. Three Broomsticks Three-headed dog Tiberius Ogden Time-Turners Tinworth toad Toothflossing Stringmints tortured train traitor transfiguration trapdoor Trevor trinkets Triwizard Tournament twin Two-way mirrors Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad Undersecretary Unforgivable Curses unusual socks Valentine's Day Vanishing Cabinet vaults Vernon Dursley Viktor Krum Vincent Crabbe Jr. Vincent Crabbe Sr. Wandmaker war memorial Wartcap Powder wealthy Weasley family clock Weasley's Wizard Wheezes werewolf West Country Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank Wiltshire Wimbourne Wasps Winky Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment witch Witherwings Wizard's Chess wizarding joke shop Wormtail Xenophilius Lovegood Yaxley Yule Ball Zacharias Smith Zonko's Joke Shop
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Ranges, Moutains, and Peaks by Guest (

Word Quantity 928
Max Word Length 28
Aconcagua Adams Agad-Agad Agung Ahaggar Ainos Air Alaska Albert Aldorassa Allalinhorn Alphubel Alpspitze Alyeska Amealco American Legion Amliden Anamudi Ancohuma Aneto Angemuk Anglem Annapurna Antero Antisana Aoraki Apo Aragats Ararat Areskutan Aspiring Assiniboine Atacazo Athabasca Auasberge Augusta Australian Alps Ayers Rock Aylmer Azufral Baba Bachelor Baekdu Baintha Brak Baker Baldy Baljasen Balkan Ball Balmhorn Baltistan Baroarbunga Bastion Baxter Bazarduzu Beenkeragh Beerenberg Belasica Belukha Ben Nevis Biberkopf Bietschhorn Big Bear Bishop's Mitre Bishorn Bistra Bjelasnica Bjeshket e Nemuna Bjornerodspiggen Black Tooth Blackcomb Blanca Blue Blue Job Blue Knob Bluemlisalp Bluff Knoll Bockkarkopf Bogong Bona Borah Boundary Brandon Brave Brazeau Breithorn Bridge Bristol Broad Brocken Broken Top Buffalo Bukit Mugajah Bukit Pagon Bukit Timah Buller Bulu Rantemario Buni Zom Buyu Balease Caher Camel's Hump Cameroon Cannon Capitol Carihuairazo Carnes Carpathian Carrauntoohil Castle Cathedral Cathkin Caubvik Caucasus Cayambe Cayley Ceboruco Celoica Cerberus Cerro Bravo Cerro Catedral Uruguay Cerro de la Estrella Cerro de Punta Cerro del Garbanzo Cerro del Potosi Cerro Fabrega Cerro Hermoso Cerro La Cruz del Marques Cerro las Minas Cerro Las Nieves Cerro Mercedario Cerro Negro de Mayasquer Cerro Pero Cerro San Valentin Cerro Torre Chachacomani Chappal Waddi Charleston Cheaha Chembra Chichinautzin Chiles Chimborazo Chirripo Cho Oyu Chomo Lhari Chown Churchill Churdhar Cirque of the Towers Citlaltepetl Clark Clemenceau Cleveland Cline Cloud Cloudveil Dome Cofre de Perote Columbia Cook Cooper Corazon Cotacachi Cotopaxi Cradle Crater Lake Crested Butte Crestone Crestone Needle Croagh Patrick Cronus Cross Fell Culebra Cumbre Vieja Dachstein Dais Damavand Dammastock Dampier Dana Dandenong Dawson Dedo de Deus Delano Denny Dent Blanche Dent d'Herens Dent du Geant Dents du Midi Deshat Desolation Devils Thumb Devils Tower Deyjay Dhaulagiri Diablerets Diablo Diamond Dinara Diran Distaghil Sar Doddabetta Doi Fa Hom Pok Doi Huamod Luang Doi Inthanon Doi Luang Chiang Dao Dom Dome A Doublet Downs Doyle's Delight Dulang-dulang Dykh-Tau Eagle Eastern Plattspitze Edgecumbe Edith Cavell Eiger Eiriksjokull Ejer Bavnehoj El Altar El Chichon El Coahuilon El Jorullo El'brus Elbert Elgon Elkins Ellingwood Emi Koussi Emin Erebus Errigal Ethelbert Etna Evan-Thomas Evans Evermann Eyjafjallajokull Fairweather Falls Creek Fansipan Farnham Feathertop Febbas Feldberg Fichtelberg Fiescherhorn Findlay Finsteraarhorn Fitz Roy Fjallberget Flagstone Flat Top Fogo Foraker Forbes Francs Fremont Fridtjof Nansen Fryatt Fuji Funtenseetauern Fuyul Sojol Galatea Galdhopiggen Galeras Galtasen Galtymore Gannett Garibaldi Garpkolen Gasherbrum I Gasherbrum II Gasherbrum III Gasherbrum IV Gasherbrum V Gerlachovsky Gessi Giluwe Glacier Glass California Glittertind Golden Hinde Gongga Shan Good Hope Goodsir Gornergrat Gran Paradiso Gran Sasso Granberget Grand Combin Grand Teton Grandes Jorasses Granite Gransberget Grays Great Dividing Range Greenhorn Grenville Greylock Gringsboberget Grober Hundstod Grobglockner Grobvenediger Gunnbjorn Gunung Argopuro Gunung Arjuna Gunung Bandahara Gunung Binaiya Gunung Careme Gunung Dempo Gunung Kau Palatmada Gunung Kerinci Gunung Lawu Gunung Leuser Gunung Merbabu Gunung Raung Gunung Rinjani Gunung Semeru Gunung Sendoro Gunung Slamet Gunung Sumbing Hagues Halcon Haleakala Half Dome Halla Hallam Halleberg Halti Hanang Haramosh Harrison Harvard Harz Hector Hehuan Hekla Helags Helen Henderson Hermon Heroubreio Hikurangi Himalayas Himmelbjerget Hinterreintalschrofen Hkakabo Razi Hochblassen Hochfrottspitze Hochkalter Hochkonig Hochvogel Hochwanner Hofsjokull Hogalteknall Hogsrum Holotepec Hood Hopkins Hornickel Horsetooth Hotham Hoverla Howse Howser Spire Huangshan Huascaran Huayna Potosi Hubbard Hunneberg Huron Hutt Hvannadalshnjukur Hymettus Iconoclast Ida Igman Iliniza Norte Iliniza Sur Illampu Illimani Imbabura Impati Independence Inner Hollentalspitze Isaberg Ismail Samani Istor-o-nal Iztaccihuatl Jabal Annabi So'aib Jablanica Jackson Jade Jahuey Jakupica Jbel Toubkal Jeanette Jeff Davis Jefferson Jobs Joffre Jungfrau Kadam Kahperusvaarat Kailas Kaiser Kamet Kangchenjunga Kanjut Sar Kanlaon Karisimbi Karluk Karthala Katahdin Kates Needle Katla Kawa Karpo Kazbek Kebnekaise Keira Kekes Kembla Kenya Kerinci Kerling Khao Luang Khuiten Kiedditsohkka Kieddoaivi Kilimanjaro Kinabalu Kinder Scout King King George Kings Kinnekulle Kinyeti Kirkpatrick Klein Matterhorn Klondike Klyuchevskaya Sopka Kompassberg Kongur Kopaonik Korab Korbu Koschuta Kosciuszko Kovddoskaisi Kozuf Krottenspitze Kuduremukh Kula Kangri Kumara Parvatha Kunyang Chhish Kurinjal Kverkfjoll La Calle La Grande Soufriere La Martha La Mota Grande La Primavera La Viga Lafayette Lagginhorn Laila Langtaktsberget Lanin Volcano Lassen Lauteraarhorn Lavender Lemmon Lenzspitze Leutascher Dreitorspitze Lhotse Lincoln Lindbjerg Liskamm Llullaillaco Loassonibba Logan Lojsta hed Lone Longs Lopholsberget Los Humeros Los Tres Reyes Magos Lucania Lugnaquilla Luigi di Savoia Lustigknopp Lyell Machhapuchhre Madelegabel Maglic Maiden Majestic Makalu Malubiting Mammoth Man O'War Manaslu Mansfield Marathon Marble Marcus Baker Marcy Margretelyst So Markham Maroon Bells Masherbrum Massive Matacanes Matlalcueitl Matterhorn Matthews Mauna Kea Mauna Loa Maunganui Mawson Mayon McClintock McKinley McMaster Meager Medicine Bow Melungtse Merapi Meron Meru Middle Hollentalspitze Middle Wetterspitze Mike Mitchell Mitre Moco Mogoton Mollehoj Moloch Monadnock Monarch Monashee Moncayo Monch Monkh Khairkhan Monkh Saridag Monmouth Mont Blanc Mont Blanc de Courmayeur Mont Blanc du Tacul Monte Cristallo Monte Pissis Monte Rosa Monte Sarmiento Moore Moran Moroto Morungole Mountain Mt. Sunapee Muckish Mulanje Mulhacen Mullayanagiri Muztagh Ata Muztagh Tower Mweelrea Myckelmyrberget Nadelhorn Naga Pulu Namcha Barwa Nanda Devi Nanga Parbat Napf Naqil Yasleh Nephin Neptune Nesthorn Nevado Cumbal Nevado del Huila Nevado del Quindio Nevado del Ruiz Nevado del Tolima Nevado El Cisne Nevado Sajama Newberry Volcano Ngauruhoe Nidze Nordend North Twin Northeastern Dreitorspitze Noshaq Nyangani Ober Gabelhorn Ofnerspitze Ojos del Salado Old Goat Ololica Olympus Oraefajokull Orjen Ortler Osogovo Ossa Ostspitze Otgontenger Ouray Outer Hollentalspitze Owen Oxford Paget Panachaicus Pancake Pangrango Parangaricutirimicuaro Parkview Parnassus Partenkirchner Dreitorspitze Pasochoa Passu Sar Peak Jengish Chokusu Pedra do Sino Pegunungan Kobowre Pelvoux Pen y Fan Pena de Bernal Pena Prieta Phnom Aural Phou Bia Pichincha Pico Almanzor Pico Alto Pico Bolivar Pico Cristobal Colon Pico Cuauhtemoc Pico da Bandeira Pico da Neblina Pico das Agulhas Negras Pico de Sao Tome Pico del Aguila Pico del Norte Pico del Teide Pico Duarte Pico Everest Pico Pan de Azucar Pico Perico Pico Piramide Pico Simon Bolivar Pico Turquino Pidurutalagala Pikes Pilatus Pindos Pingora Pirin Pirongia Piton des Neiges Piz Bernina Piz Corvatsch Piz Kesch Piz Morteratsch Piz Palu Plockenstein Pomiu Popa Popocatepetl Porcupine Prenj Princeton Pulag Pumlumon Fawr Pumori Puncak Jaya Puncak Mandala Puncak Trikora Purace Pyramid Quandary Quanstrom Queen Bess Queen Mary Qurnat as Sawda' Rae Rainier Rakaposhi Rakhiot Raleigh Ramelau Ras Dejen Ratz Ravabacken Razorback Red Reventador Rheinwaldhorn Rhodopes Ridnitsohkka Rigi Rila Rimpfischhorn Ringkallmyrberget Rinjani Ritacuba Blanco Robson Rogers Roque de los Muchachos Roraima Ruapehu Ruminahui Rungwe Ruvdnaoaivi Sacagawea Saint Bride Saint Elias Saint Helens Sakar Salcantay Saltoro Kangri San Jacinto Sand Sanford Sangaguey Sangay Sangemarmar Sar Sannine Santa Isabel Santis Saraghrar Saskatchewan Saxberget Scafell Pike Schlern Schneeberg Schneefernerkopf Schreckhorn Schusselkarspitze Seattle Serbal Serra da Estrela Sharr mountain Shasta Sherman Shillong Shishapangma Shivling Shkelda Shkhara Shuksan Si Sia Kangri Sierra Negra Sierra Pinacate Signalkuppe Silberhorn Simon Sinai Sincholagua Sir Alexander Sir Douglas Sir Sandford Sir Wilfrid Laurier Skardstinden Skil Brum Skogsbyas Slieve Donard Slieve Gullion Snaefell Snaefellsjokull Snoqualmie Snowdon Soderasen Southern Andes Speke Split Sri Pada Stanley Stenabohojden Stewart Stogovo Store Memurutinden Store Styggedalstinden Store Surtningssui Storsylen Storvatteshagna Strahlhorn Strickland Stromboli Stuart Sumaco Sunbeam Sunwapta Sutai Taberg Tabor Tacana Tadiyandmol Tahan Talchako Tallmossen Tambora Tambuyukon Tanete Gandangdewata Tapuae-o-Uenuku Taranaki Tarawera Taseko Tasjoberget Tasman Tatlow Teffedest Teide Telapon Temple Templeman Tepetiltic Terror Tetlalmanche Thabana Ntlenyana The Cheviot The Rajah The Sphinx Thielsen Thor Three Fingered Jack Three Sisters Timpanogos Tirich Mir Tisiphone Titlis Tlalocatepetl Todi Tomasbodahojden Tomtabacken Tongariro Torbert Torre de Cerredo Trango Towers Traunstein Tres Virgenes Trettachspitze Triglav Tronador Truchas Trus Madi Tsambagarav Tsar Tungnafellsjokull Tungurahua Turret Tusk Twilight Tyree Ultar Ulysses Uncompahgre Undundi-Wandandi Untersberg Upton Urtasvaara Usborne Ushba Vancouver Varful Moldoveanu Venado Ventisqueros Veslepiggen Vestal Vesuvius Victoria Villarrica Vineuo Vinson Massif Vishnu Vistofte Vitberget Vitosha Volcan Antuco Volcan Arenal Volcan Baru Volcan de Fuego de Colima Volcan de San Quintin Volcan de Tequila Volcan Irazu Volcan San Martin Tuxtla Volcan Tajumulco Vollkarspitze Vorterkaka Nunatak Waddington Walsh Warren Washburn Washington Watzmann Middle Watzmann South Weisshorn Weissmies Wellington Werner West Spanish Wetterhorn Wetterwandeck Wheeler Whistler Whitecap Whitehorn Whitney Wildhorn Wildspitze Wildstrubel Wilhelm Willingdon Wilson Wind River Wolf's Head Wood Woodrow Wilson Xinantecatl Yale Yding Skovhoj Yeloxochtl Zapotepetl Zinalrothorn Zirkel Zlatibor Zugspitze Zulia Zumsteinspitze
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Saint Names Beginning with A by Guest (

Word Quantity 722
Max Word Length 37
Aaron Aba Mina Aba Salamah Abadios Abadir Abadiu Abaidas Abakerazum Abakuh Abamon Abanoub Abba Capito Abba Isa Abba Julian Abban Abban of Murnevin Abbo Abdas Abdas of Susa Abdiesus Abdon Abel Abercius Marcellus Aberoh Abhor Abibas Abibus Abidianus Abilius Abilus Abra Abraham Abraham Kidunaja Abraham of Carrhae Abraham of Kratia Abraham of Rostov Abraham of Smolensk Abraham the Poor Abrahamites Monks Abran Abreha Absadah Absadi Abudimus Abuna Abundius Aburom Acacius Acca Accidia Acculus Aceolus Acepsimas Acepsius Acestes Acha the Confessor Acharius Achatius Achillas Achillas of Alexandria Achilleus Achilleus Kewanuka Acirianus Acisclus Acius Acllinus Acrates Acyndinus Ada Adalar Adalard of Corbie Adalbald of Ostrevant Adalbero Adalbert Adalbert of Magdeburg Adalbert of Prague Adalgis Adalgott Adalsindis Adam Adamnan Adamnan of Coldingham Adauctus Adaucus Addal Adela Adelaide Adelaide of Bellich Adelard Adele Adelelmus Adelina Adeline Adeloga Adelphius Adelphius the Confessor Adelphus Adeodatus Adeodatus II Aderald Adheritus Adjutor Ado of Vienne Adolf of Osnabruck Adolph Kolping Adolphus Adolphus Ludigo-Mkasa Adrian Adrian Fortescue Adrian II Adrian III Adrian IV Adrian V Adrian Van Hilvarenbeek Adrianus Adrio Adulf Adulph Adventor Aedesius Aedh MacBricc Aelred of Rievaulx Aemilianus Aengus Aetherius Afan Afra Africanus Africus Agabius Agabus Aganus Agape Agapitus Agapius Agatha Agatha Chon Kyonghyob Agatha Kim Agatha Kwon Chin-i Agatha Lin Agatha Yi Agatha Yi Kannan Agatha Yi Kyong-i Agatha Yi Sosa Agathangelo Noury Agathangelus Agatho Agathoclia Agathon Agathopus Agathus Ageranus Agericus Agia Agilbert Agilberta Agileus Agilulfus Agilus Agnello of Pisa Agnellus Agnellus of Pisa Agnes Agnes De Agnes de Jesus Galand Agnes Kim Hyoju Agnes of Assisi Agnes of Bohemia Agnes of Montepulciano Agnes of Poitiers Agnes of Rome Agnes Takea Agnes Tsao-Kouy Agobard Agofredus Agostina Petrantoni Agostino Roscelli Agrecius Agricola Agricolus Agrippina Agrippinus Agustin Caloca Cortes AIban of Mainz Aibert Aichardus Aidan Aidan of Ferns Aidan of Lindisfarne Aidric Aigulf Ailbhe Aileran Aimo Airick Aizan Ajuture Alan de la Roche Alan de Solminihac Alban Alban Bartholomew Roe Alban of Britain Alberic Crescitelli Alberic of Citeaux Alberic of Utrecht Albert Chmielowski Albert of Bergamo Albert of Cashel Albert of Clatina Albert of Como Albert of Gambron Albert of Genoa Albert of Jerusalem Albert of Louvain Albert of Magdeburg Albert of Montecorvino Albert of Trapani Albert the Great Albertinus Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga Alberto Marvelli Albina Albinus Alburga Alcmund Alcuin Aldate Aldebrandus Aldegunais Aldemar Aldericus Aldhelm Aldo Aleaunie Alena Alex U Seyong ALEXANDER Alexander Akimetes Alexander Briant Alexander I Alexander II Alexander III Alexander IV Alexander Nevski Alexander of Alexandria Alexander of Comana Alexander of Constantinople Alexander of Gaza Alexander of Jerusalem Alexander of Kemet Alexander of Lugo Alexander Rawlins Alexander Sauli Alexander the Bishop Alexander the Soldier Alexandra Alexandra of Alexandria Alexandrina Maria da Costa Alexis Alexis Falconieri Alexius Nakamura Aleydis Alfanus Alfonso Maria Fusco Alfred the Great Alfreda Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster Alfrick Alfwold Alice Alipius Alix Le Clercq Alkeld Allerius Allucio Almachius Almedha Almirus Almus Alnoth Alodia Alojzije Stepinac Alonso Rodriguez Aloysius Gonzaga Alphaeus Alphege Alphege of Canterbury Alphius Alphonsa Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception Alphonsus Alphonsus de Mena Alphonsus de Orozco Alphonsus de Vaena Alphonsus Marie Liguori Alphonsus Navarette Alphonsus Rodriguez Altfrid Altigianus Altinus Altman Alto Alvarez of Corova Alverius Alvitus Alypius Amabilis Amadeus IX of Savoy Amadeus of Lausanne Amadour Amaethlu Amalberga Amand Amandus Amantius Amantius of Como Amarand Amaranthus Amarinus Amasius Amaswinthus Amata Amator Amatus Amba Agatho the Silent Amba Baula the Just Amba Betra Amba Paphnutius Amba Shenudi Ambrose Ambrose Aut-Pert Ambrose Edward Barlow Ambrose Fernandez Ambrose Kibuka Ambrose of Alexandria Ambrosio Francisco Ferro Ambytianus Amedeus Amelberga Amicus Ammon Ammon the Great Ammonaria Ammonas Ammonius Amo Amor Amor of Amorbach Amor of Aquitaine Amparo Rosat Balasch Ampelius Ampellius Ampelus Amphianus Amphibalus Amphilocus Amphion Ampliatus Amulwinus Amunia Anacharius Anacleto Gonzalez Flores Anacletus Anacletus II Ananias Ananias II Ananias III Anastasia Anastasia II Anastasia III Anastasia Patricia Anastasia the Patrician Anastasius Anastasius Cornicularius Anastasius I Anastasius II Anastasius III Anastasius IV Anastasius IX Anastasius the Fuller Anastasius the Sinaite Anastasius V Anastasius VI Anastasius VII Anastasius VIII Anastasius X Anastasius XI Anastasius XII Anastasius XIII Anastasius XIV Anastasius XIX Anastasius XV Anastasius XVI Anastasius XVII Anastasius XVIII Anastasius XX Anathalon Anatole Kiriggwajjo Anatolia Anatolius Anatolius of Laodicea Andeolus Andochius Andre Bessette Andre de Soveral Andre Fardeau Andrea Carlo Ferrari Andrea Giacinto Longhin Andreas Bauer Andres Sola Molist Andrew Avellino Andrew Bobola Andrew Chong Hwa-Gyong Andrew Corsini Andrew Dotti Andrew Dung Lac Andrew Hibernon Andrew Ishchak Andrew Kagwa Andrew Kim Taegon Andrew Nam-Thuong Andrew Oexner of Riun Andrew of Crete Andrew of Phu Yen Andrew of Segni Andrew of Strumi Andrew of Trier Andrew Segni of Anagni Andrew Sushinda Andrew the Scot Andrew the Tribune Andrew Thong Kim Nguyen Andrew Tien-K'Ing Andrew Tokuan Andrew Trong Andrew Trong Van Tran Andrew Wouters Andrew Zorard Andrew-Chong Kwagyong Andronicus Anectus Angadresma Angel Dario Acosta Zurita Angela Merici Angela of Foligno Angela of the Cross Angela Salawa Angelelmus Angelo Angelo Augustine of Florence Angelo of Borgo San Sepolcro Angelo of Chivasso Angelus of Acri Angelus Orsucci Angilbert Anglinus Angus MacNisse Anianas Anianus Anicet Adolfo Anicet Hryciuk Anicetus Aninus Anna Dierk Anna Kim Anna Nan-Sinn-Cheu Anna of the Angels Monteagudo Anna Pak A-gi Anna Rosa Gattorno Anna Schaeffer Anna the Prophetess Anna Wang Anne Anne Catherine Emmerick Anne Hmard Anne Jahouvey Anne Line Anne Mary Taigi Anne Maugrain Anne of Saint Bartholomew Anne-Francoise de Villeneuve Annemund Anno Annobert Annunciata Cocchetti Ansanus Ansbald Ansbert Ansegisus Anselm Anselm of Lucca Anselm of Nonantola Anselm Polanco Fontecha Ansfrid Ansgar Ansillo Anskar Ansovinus Anstrudis Ansueris Ansuinus Ansurius Anterus Anthelm Anthimus Antholian Anthony Anthony Baldinucci Anthony Dainan Anthony Daniel Anthony Daveluy Anthony della Chiesa Anthony Dich Nguyen Anthony Fantosat Anthony Francisco Anthony Gonzales Anthony Ishida Anthony Kauleas Anthony Kim Son-u Anthony Kimura Anthony Kiun Anthony Manzi Anthony Mary Claret Anthony Mary Gianelli Anthony Mary Pucci Anthony Mary Zaccaria Anthony Middleton Anthony Nam-Quynh Anthony Neyrot Anthony of Amandola Anthony of Bonaventure Anthony of Hungary Anthony of Korea Anthony of Padua Anthony of Saxony Anthony of Stroncone Anthony of Tuy Anthony Pechersky Anthony Peter Dich Anthony Primaldi Anthony Sanga Anthony the Abbot Anthony the Great of Thebes Anthony the Hermit Anthony Turner Anthony Vom Anthusa Anthusa the Younger Antidius Antilnus Antiochus Antipas Antoine Chevrier Antoine Fournier Antoinette Roussel Anton Maria Schwartz Anton Martin Slomsek Antonia Mesina Antonino Fantosati Antoninus Antoninus of Sorrento Antonio de Sant'Anna Galvao Antonio Vieira Anwarite Nangapeta Anysia Anysius Apelles Aphraates Aphrodisius Apollinaris Franco Apollinaris Sidonius Apollinaris Syncletica Apollo Apollonia Apollonius the Apologist Aponius Appian Apronia Apronian Aprus Apuleius Aquila Aquilina Aquilinus Arator Arbogast Arcadius Arcangelo Tadini Archangela Girlani Archelais Archelaus Archippus Arcontius Ardalion Ardanus Ardo Arduinus Aredius Aresius Aretas Arethas Aretius Argeus Argymirus Ariadne Arialdus Arian Arigius Arilda Aristarchus Aristides Aristion Aristobulus Ariston Armagillus Armentarius Armogastes Arnaldo Catani Arnold Arnold Jansen Arnold Reche Arnulf Arnulf of Eynesbury Arnulf of Soissons Arsacius Arsenius Arsenius the Great Artaldus Artaxus Artemas Artemide Zatti Artemius Arthelais Arwald Asaph Ascelina Asclas Asclepiades Asella Ashley Asicus Aspasius Aspren Asteria Astericus Astius Athanasia of Aegina Athanasius Athanasius Badzekuketta Athanasius the Athonite Athelm Athenodorus Athenogenes Atilano Cruz Alvarado Attala Attalas Attalia Atticus Atticus of Constantinople Attilanus Atto Attracta Aubin Auctus Augulus Augusta Augustalus Augustine Huy Viet Phan Augustine Moi Augustine Moi Van Nguyen Augustine of Canterbury Augustine of Hippo Augustine of Huy Augustine Ota Augustine Pak Chong-won Augustine Tchao Augustine Webster Augustine Yi Chin-gil Augustine Yi Kwang-hon Augusto Andres Augusto Czartoryski Augustus Augustus Chapdelaine Augustus Schoffler Aurea Aurelia of Strasbourg Aurelian Aurelian of Limoges Aurelio da Vinalesa Aurelio Maria Aurelius Aureus Ausonius Auspicius Austell Austindus Austreberta Austregisilus Austremonius Autbert Autbod Autbodus Authaire Autonomous Autor Autus Auxanus Auxentius of Bithynia Auxibius Ava Aventanus Aventine of Troyes Aventinus of Chartres Aventinus of Tours Avertanus Aviates Avitus Avitus I of Clermont Avitus II of Clermont Avitus of Vienne Aymard Azas
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