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Complex Bird Species by Guest (

Word Quantity 97
Max Word Length 24
acorn woodpecker adelie penguin american avocet american coot american robin american wigeon arizona woodpecker bald eagle bewick's swan black skimmer black swan black-browed albatross black-headed grosbeak black-necked swan black-throated sparrow blue jay blue-winged teal brandt's cormorant brant bridled titmouse bronzed cowbird brown noddy brown-head cowbird bufflehead bullock's oriole cactus wren california brown pelican canadian goose canyon towhee chinstrap penguin curve-billed thrasher double-crested cormorant elegant tern fairy tern flightless cormorant flightless steamer duck forster's tern galapagos penguin gambel's quail gentoo penguin gila woodpecker golden eagle gray-headed albatross great blue heron great egret great frigate bird greater flamingo greater roadrunner green-winged teal harris hawk hooded oriole house finch house sparrow imperial shag kelp goose king penguin lava heron lesser scaup macaroni penguin magellanic penguin magnificent frigate bird mallard marbled godwit masked booby mexican jay nazca booby northern cardinal northern pintail patagonian crested duck pied-billed grebe pyrrhuloxia red-billed tropicbird red-footed booby ring-billed gull ring-necked duck rockhopper penguin royal tern sandhill crane snow goose snowy egret sooty tern swallowtail gull trumpeter swan tundra swan upland goose wandering albatross waved albatross western gull whimbrel white pelican white-breasted nuthatch white-crowned sparrow white-winged dove whooper swan wild turkey willet wood duck
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Secret of the Wings by Guest (

Word Quantity 106
Max Word Length 18
baby bag basket blaze bobble book boots border born broken bunnies cape celebrate cheese clank coat cold crash cross cure danger dewey disregarded dust fairy mary family fawn fiona fire fixed flake flightless flow flutter fly found things freeze friends friendship frost frozen gliss glow guard healing fairy hibernate hospital ice identical iridessa irreparable laugh library light lord milori lost things love machine meeting melt minister of autumn minister of spring minister of summer nook novice owls periwinkle pixie hollow platform protect queen clarion reading fairy receptionist rosetta rule sacrifice secret separation shelter shimmer shine shipment silvermist similarities sisters sled slush snow spike storm stream terence tinker bell touch tour tree twin vidia warm white wilt wingology wings winter woods workshop
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