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Autumn by Guest (

Word Quantity 67
Max Word Length 16
apples beets boots bounty broccoli cabbage camellia canoeing carrots cauliflower cheerleaders Chrysanthemum cider coat color change cool temperature corn cornucopia cranberries dahlias dormant early night echinacea equinox fall figs football Gordonia grapes Halloween harvest hat hay rides hibiscus horse rides kites kohlrabi lettuce long sleeves maple syrup melancholy Moon Festival mountain biking mushrooms onions orange pears plenty pomegranates potatoes pumpkins radish red ripening salvias scarf season soccer spinach storage Sukkot tabernacles Thanksgiving Tibouchina transition windy yellow
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Geometry by Guest (

Word Quantity 37
Max Word Length 15
altitude analytic arc axis bisector chord circumference compass compound conclusion cylinder dilation dodecagon hexagon hypotenuse hypothesis kite leg means origin parallel lines phytagoras polyhedron postulates radius rectangle regular polygon right angle skew lines sphere square tangent Thales theorems trapezoid vertex volume
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New Year by Merschat.com

Word Quantity 137
Max Word Length 21
ang pao auld lang syne baby bamboo canons basil's pie beaches black soybeans black-eyed peas blessings boiled seaweed burdock root cabbage candy champagne chestnut chicken clean house clock chimes coins collard greens copacabana council of tours countdown dancing decoration dime under plate dionysus donuts duck dumplings enkutatash enthusiasm family father time feast fir trees firecrackers fireworks first sunrise first tea ceremony fish fish cakes forget grudges friends gifts goals grandfather frost ham happiness hog jowls hogmanay hope incense infant jade emperor january first janus julius caesar jung dong jin junkanoo kamaboko kimono kinga shinnen kinpira gobo kiss kitchen god kite flying kombu kurikinton kuromame lion dance longevity lose weight luck mandarin orange mashed potatoes mashed sweet potato mesha midnight nanakusa-gayu nengajo nien novy god nowruz open house osechi otoshidama ozoni parade parties peace peach drop peter the great phong bao mung tuoi polar bear plunges polka-dots pope gregory postcards princes street prosperity quit smoking rebirth red envelope remembrance resolutions respects return items rice ring rose bowl run into water saint sylvester sashimi sauerkraut seven-herb rice soup shoshun shrine snow maiden spengler cup sushi temple the big apple tidings times square ball toasting tokens tournament of roses traditional bowing triantaena twelve fruit basket vassilopita visit wealth william the conqueror winter classic wishes yutnoli
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Simple Bird Species by Guest (

Word Quantity 172
Max Word Length 14
albatross amazon anhinga ani aracari auklet bananquit bittern blackbird bluebird bobolink bobwhite brambling brant budgie bunting bushtit canary caracara cardinal catbird chat chicken chukar cockatiel cockatoo condor conure coot cormorant cowbird crackle crane creeper crossbill crow cuckoo dickcissel dove duck eagle eclectus egret elder falcon fieldfare finch flamingo flicker flycatcher fowl frigatebird fulmar gannet goose grackle grebe grosbeak grouse gull harrier hawk heron hummingbird ibis jacana jaegers jay juncos kakariki kestrel killdeer kingbird kite kittiwake limpkin longsupr loon lorikeet lory lovebird macaw magpie martin merganser merlin mockingbird murre mynah nightjar nuthatch oriole osprey ovenbird owl oyster catcher parakeet parrot partridge parula pauraque pelican penguin petrel pewee phainopepla pheasant phoebe pigeon pionus pipits plover poorwill ptarmigan puffin quail rail raven razorbill redpoll redstart roadrunner robin rosella ruff sanderling sandpiper sapsucker scoter seedeater shrike siskin skimmer skua smew snipe sparrow spindalis spoonbill starling starthroat stilt stork surfbird swallow swan swift tanager tattler teal tern thrush toucan towhee trogon turaco turkey turnstone verdin vireo vulture warbler waxbill waxwing wheatear whimbrel whip-poor-will willet woodcock woodpecker wren yellowthroat
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Winter Sports and Events by Guest (

Word Quantity 60
Max Word Length 26
Airboard Alpine skiing Alpine snowboarding Asian Winter Games Bandy Biathlon Boardercross Bobsled Broomball Cross-country skiing Cross-country Snowmobiling Curling Dogsled racing Figure skating Free style Snowmobiling Freestyle skiing Freestyle snowboarding Hill climbing Ice blocking Ice boating Ice fishing Ice hockey Ice stock sport Ice swimming Kite skiing Luge Mogul skiing Monoskiing Newschool skiing Nordic combined Recreational Snowmobiling Ringette Shinny Skeleton Ski archery Ski jumping Skiboarding Skibob Skijoring Slalom Sledge hockey Snow rugby Snow-cross Snowmobiling Snowball fight Snowkiting Snowman building Snowshoe Snowskating Speed riding Speed skating Speed skiing Synchronized Telemark skiing Tobogganing Winter Dew Tour Winter Olympic Games Winter Paralympic Games Winter Universiade Winter X Games Wok racing
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